Budget travelling tips

Travelling with your family or solo is very fun. This is one of the best activities for breaking the monotony of your daily activities and relieving stress. However, the rising prices of gas and petroleum have made travelling costly making many people remain at home. Other people have been limited from travelling long distances during their vacation. Apart from this, many people would like to enjoy their vacations, but they cannot afford the high cost of accommodation. Outlined here below are some of the effective ways that can help you in cutting down your travelling cost.

Corporate rate

Someone can receive a 10 % discount by just presenting his or her business card at a hotel or motel. You should ask for such discount even though if it is mainly dependent on the season that you are travelling in. Getting such a discount during the peak season is not easy.


There are some motels that have special programs whereby they offer their customers a cheap accommodation. Under this program, you can pay the price for a single night and then stay in that hotel for two nights. It is therefore important to ask for such discounts whenever you are making your reservation. Checking the motels’ websites can also help you in finding out if you will get a discount.

Group rates

Most motels love groups. Always ask if the hotel that you are booking is offering any group rates. If you happen to arrive in an establishment when it is not occupied, then you might be offered a group discount. The discount offered is dependent on the season you are travelling.

Military discount

Individuals working in the military are given special consideration in some establishments. If you are one of them, then you should present your documents when booking for a motel.



Offseason specials

Always check the travel websites and local newspapers to find out if certain motels are offering some specials. The discount offered will mainly dependent on the place where the motel is located. For example, someone can get a spectacular deal by visiting the beaches in winter.

Travelling midweek

Most of the typical motels are usually busy during the weekends. You can get a better deal by travelling from Sunday to Thursday. Some can save a lot of money by combining this with the other discounts.

Mailing list

A mailing list is provided at the front desks of a motel. Some motels will offer a special discount for those customers who post the offers given by such motels on their websites.…